Illustration of spiritual connection with Imam Mahdi

🌟 Unlock Divine Mercy: Explore the celestial connection with Imam Mahdi!

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When Jacob’s children saw that they had made a big mistake, they came to Jacob and said: Ask for forgiveness for us so that God may forgive us because we have made a mistake. 1

Isn’t Imam Zaman our father? Those who say God does not look at me Those of you who say that whatever I pray for will not be answered Tell Imam Zaman to pray for you Do not doubt that when you ask Imam Zaman for something, he will not refuse, so ask him to pray for you At that time, when Imam Zaman prayed, God would look at you, because he would not throw his face on the ground

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  1. Special times should be appreciated. It is narrated that when the children of Hazrat Yaqoob asked their father to seek forgiveness from God for them, Hazrat Yaqoob said, “I will pray for you soon” because he wanted to seek forgiveness for them at dawn on Friday. β†©οΈŽ

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  1. How to pray the prayer of Imam al-Zaman (AS)
    This prayer, like most recommended prayers, is two rak’ahs, which is recited with the intention of Imam al-Zaman (a.s.). With the difference that in each rak’at, when reading Surah Hamad, verse 4 of this Surah (Iyak Nabad and Iyak Nastain) will be repeated 100 times and then the continuation of the Surah is read. Before starting the prayer, it is better to have the necessary tools for counting, such as salawat count or rosary in your hand. It should be noted that in this prayer, each of the remembrances of bowing and prostration will be repeated 7 times.

    After saying the salam and finishing the prayer. The following mentions should be read in the order and with the mentioned number:

    “La Allah Il Allah”: 1 time
    Praises to Hazrat Zahra (PBUH): 1 time (including 34 times “Allah Akbar”, 33 times “Alhamdule Allah”, and 33 times “Subhan Allah”)
    100 salutations in prostration

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