Xiaomi 360 Degree Network Camera Installation

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Training on installing and setting up the Xiaomi 360 degree network camera

Xiaomi Mi Home Security 360 degree network camera¬†is a unique device to be used for security at home, workplace, etc.¬†This camera is one of the best 360-degree wireless surveillance cameras.¬†You can easily control the Xiaomi network camera with your phone.¬†However, the settings¬†of Xiaomi’s 360-degree network camera¬†may be difficult for some people.

Below, we have listed the steps required to install and configure the Mi Home Security 360 degree CCTV camera. In addition to those things that need to be changed to get the best results, it is also given.

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Xiaomi 360 degree network camera settings

To set up the Mi Security 360 camera, you first need to download¬†the Mi Security¬†Camera 360¬†application from the Play Store or the App Store based on your phone’s operating system.

The first step to set up the Xiaomi 360 degree network camera

After you download the app, you need to login to launch it.¬†You can sign in by phone number or email.¬†Once you have done this, you will see a “+” icon on the top right of the home screen.¬†Click on the device to add it.¬†In this step, you can add the device both automatically and manually.¬†Although the automatic method seems easier, the manual method is more suitable for this camera.

  • Select your camera from the list.

The second step is to set up the Xiaomi 360 degree network camera

You will be prompted to reset the camera. To do this, plug in the camera. At first, the camera starts rotating horizontally and vertically. After that, press the Reset button and hold it until the LED light next to the lens turns orange and flashes.

After that, click on the Next button and select the Wi-Fi network from the list. In the next section, the application will provide you with a QR code that you need to scan with the camera. It takes about 5-7 minutes for the camera to register and scan the QR code. For faster results, set the screen brightness to the highest level and place the phone at a distance of 15 cm from the camera.

After this is done successfully, the LED color of the wireless camera under the Mi Home Security network will turn blue.


The camera scans the QR code faster on phones with LCD screens. Scanning of phones with AMOLED screens takes about 15 minutes.

The third step to set up the Xiaomi 360 degree network camera

After you have added the PTZ wireless network camera to the Wifi network, the application will ask you to choose a name for the network camera. Enter a name for it or choose a name from the list of available names and click Next. After doing this, the installation process is complete.

Additional settings of the Xiaomi 360 degree network camera

By default, the surveillance camera under the Mi Home security network has a series of settings that are suitable for basic monitoring; But if you want to use other options in the camera, you have to go to the settings section (three dots menu in the upper right corner). The first and most important setting to change is Wide Dynamic Range Mode or WDR . WDR is a feature that enhances video quality by using a balance between low light and excessive light in the environment.

These settings are available in  Camera settings > Image Settings and you can enable the WDR feature from that part.

Since the Mi Security Wireless CCTV Camera is an indoor camera, it does not need to be active all the time, especially when you are at home. Having the camera always active also consumes space on the SD card. So the best way is to put the camera in Sleep Mode . To do this, click on the icon in the lower right corner.

In addition, you can set a schedule for sleep mode. To do this, go to Camera settings > Sleep Settings and then select Scheduled sleep time.

Choose a start and end time.

The Xiaomi Mi Home Security network camera allows you to have a color image even in low light conditions. To use this feature, go to Camera Settings > Night-Vision Settings and activate the Full color with low light section.

One of the most important sections in the settings is Alert Setting. When the camera detects any movement at any time, the app will notify you and start the recording process. Even if you don’t have an SD Card installed in the camera, the video will be encrypted and stored in the cloud for 7 days. This option is not enabled by default, for this, click on the monitoring icon and then select the Home monitoring button to activate it.

The sensors of the Mi Home security 360 camera are very strong and will send you an alert even when the sensor is activated by small objects such as mosquitoes. The best thing to do is to lower the sensitivity level a bit.

To do this, click on Alert sensitivity and select Low form from the available settings section. In addition, you can also set the time interval between alerts.


Xiaomi’s¬†ShareMe¬†application¬†can be used to share content between phones and make the process of transferring files and data easy.

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