Flashing LG phones

Flashing LG phones

As explained in the article “Flashing Sony Xperia phones”, all phones may need to be flashed or restored one day. It is much easier and faster to do this with special software, but it is much wiser to leave the phone to be flashed by specialists, because if you make a small mistake in the process of doing this, it is possible to get injured. Irreparably enter your mobile phone.

In this article, Raymand technical group teaches how to flash LG phones through LGUP software. Stay with Raymand24 for more information.

To restore the LG phone, you need to prepare the essentials before starting, which we will discuss below:

Required items to flash LG phone:
A) LG phone should be charged more than 50% so that it does not turn off in the middle of work.

b) Download the firmware suitable for the exact model of your phone from reliable sites.

c) Download the DLL files suitable for the processor of your phone and note that both the firmware files and these files have different models, each of which is designed for one model of the phone, so you must have the same model of your device. Download it or you will face problems.

d) Download the latest version of LGUP software

e) Computer equipped with Windows 7 operating system and above

Steps to flash LG phone
1) Open and run the LGUP software.

2) Install the DLL files that you installed earlier after running the software.

3) Then install the drivers for your phone on the computer system. which you can easily buy and download from reliable sites.

4) Turn off your phone and after 15 seconds hold the volume up button and at the same time connect the other end of the USB cable connected to the phone to the computer. Do not release the volume button until you see a screen titled Firmware Update.

5) Now select and run the LGUP program from the program list.

If you have installed the correct DLL, you will see the following page. Any message other than this page means you have made a mistake in selecting DLLs.

6) Now click on Upgrade option and select it.

7) Go to the File Path section at the bottom of the page and click on the three dots and select the firmware file that you downloaded earlier.

8) Click on the Start button and do not disconnect the cable until the end when the phone is being flashed. It may take a long time to flash the LG phone, so be patient until the end. If you have not succeeded in flashing your LG phone by reading the above article, you can use raymand24’s help experts in the field of flashing all types of phones. Also, if you are interested in the latest technology news and the latest tricks of the phone and computer, you can Visit Raymand24‘s Instagram page.

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