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The best windows for laptops (all models)

An important question that may concern the minds of many users is which version of Microsoft Windows operating system is the best choice and option to install on Lenovo, Dell, Asus or other brands of laptops? If this question has arisen in your mind, it is better not to miss this article. In this exclusive article, we talk about the best Windows for laptops (all models). Stay with IR Microsoft Store.

As you know, in order to use all the power and hardware potential of a computer and laptop, a good operating system must be installed on it. In fact, it is the operating system that enables the direct interaction of the user with the computer and the use of the potential of its hardware components! Imagine having a laptop that uses the most powerful hardware parts in the world but does not have an operating system installed on it! In this situation, how do you want to use it and what is the practical difference between your laptop equipped with strong hardware and a much older laptop with weak hardware?

Therefore, operating system plays a very important role in computers and laptops. Among all existing operating systems, Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly one of the best, and now almost more than 90 percent of people who deal with computers and laptops of brands such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell, MSI, etc. use this operating system. They use it. The Microsoft Surface series of products are equipped with the original Windows by default and provide the best performance, so if you are a user of this series of Microsoft laptops and tablets, you will not need to buy the original Windows .

But the Microsoft Windows operating system itself, the original version of which is not installed by default on many different laptops and computers, has various editions, and this can confuse users and raise the question in their minds that the best Windows Which case is for their laptop or computer? We assume that you want to choose the best edition of the mentioned operating system to install on your personal laptop. In this situation, in the general category, you will come across different versions of Windows 7 or Windows 11, and in terms of editions, you may come across different editions such as Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc. face For example, Microsoft’s Windows 10 includes Pro, Home, Education, and Enterprise editions, and you can install any of them on your computer.

Therefore, it may be difficult to choose the best version of Microsoft Windows to install on laptops or personal computers and even corporate and office computers. If you are also involved in this issue, don’t worry and don’t miss this exclusive article because in this article we want to talk comprehensively about this issue and choosing the most suitable Windows to install on laptops and computers. In addition, the guidance that is provided can be used in all different models and brands of laptops, from Lenovo to Asus, Dell, etc. Stay with IR Microsoft Store.

What is the best windows for laptop?

If you want to install the best version of Microsoft Windows on your laptop, you should choose it according to the hardware power of the system. Experience has shown that newer versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 11 and 10, are more useful for installing on computers that have stronger or at least mid-range hardware, and installing these versions of Windows on old laptops will not be very efficient. Our recommendation is that if your laptop or computer has an old processor, especially lower than Core i5, you must use Windows 7. Also, our experience has shown that Windows 7 is much better compatible with older HDDs and provides better performance.

So, for older systems and laptops, we suggest Microsoft’s Windows 7, but which edition would be more suitable? Windows 7 has different editions, but among all of them, two editions Ultimate and Pro are the best choices. Therefore, our advice is that if you intend to install Windows 7 on your computer or laptop, be sure to install one of its Pro or Ultimate editions. The Ultimate version of this operating system offers more complete functions and features compared to the Pro version, but on the other hand, it is a little heavier compared to the Pro version, so if you are thinking of reducing the pressure on the computer’s hardware resources, maybe Windows Pro 7 is the best choice for you. So don’t forget that the best Windows for weak laptops will be Windows 7, and it is better not to use newer versions of the mentioned operating systems such as 10 and 11 on these laptops.

But what if you have a mid-range laptop? Make sure that a mid-range laptop has at least a Core i5 series central processor and its hard drive provides at least 1 TB capacity and data storage space. The mid-range laptop is also expected to have at least 8GB of RAM. If your laptop does not have these features, it is better to consider it as part of the low-end and relatively weak laptops, unless there is a very small difference between the specifications we mentioned and the hardware specifications of your computer. For example, if your laptop has a Core i5 processor, its RAM is 8 GB, but its hard drive offers a capacity of 500 GB, it can still be classified as a mid-range laptop.

Of course, keep in mind that our classification is just a very simple classification so that all users can use it to understand the power level of their laptop and computer, otherwise there are very fine, important and vital factors to determine the quality power level of the laptop. Top and mid-range, low-range or high-range will have an effect. So we assumed that you have a mid-range laptop! Which version of Windows is the best for a mid-range laptop? On mid-range systems, you can install all three versions of Windows 11, 10 and even 7, and the choice between these items depends on your personal taste. If you are a big fan of Windows 7, you can naturally use this operating system, but if you are more interested in Windows 10 and 11, you can install one of these two versions of Windows on your laptop!

Of course, our recommendation is to use Windows 10 on mid-range computers because this operating system is older compared to Windows 11 and has been optimized in such a way that it can have better results for older computers with relatively weaker hardware. be But if you want to experience the latest version of Windows, there will be no restrictions on installing Windows 11. But which edition of this operating system is suitable for installation on mid-range systems? If your laptop is personal, we recommend you to use the Home or Pro editions, but if your laptop is organizational or corporate, you can also use the Enterprise version, which is very popular and has many fans. But the home and pro versions of Windows 10 are very practical and optimal and offer almost all the features that a relatively professional user needs. Therefore, Windows 10 Pro or Home will be the best option for laptops and mid-range computers.

Naturally, computers that use very powerful hardware do not have any restrictions in terms of installing the Windows operating system, and you can install the latest versions of Windows on them without any problems. Be careful that a high-end laptop or computer will offer at least the new Core i7 processor and have 16 GB of RAM, and the hard drive should be an SSD with a capacity of 1 TB. If your computer or laptop has weaker hardware than the ones mentioned, it is better to consider it mid-range!

On high-end and powerful computers, you will have full freedom to install the latest versions of Windows. Our experience has shown that on these types of laptops, Windows 11 and Microsoft Windows 10 have excellent results. If you are a gamer, we recommend that you install Windows 11 on your system, because Microsoft Windows 11 provides excellent optimizations for a better gaming experience, and therefore it can have the best performance for playing. be However, installing Windows 10 will be an option in access and there is no problem. But which edition of Windows 11 or 10 will be more suitable for installing in high-end computers equipped with powerful hardware?

In our opinion, Pro and Home editions are the best choices.¬†Home edition of Windows is generally provided on computers and laptops that use original Windows by default, and you can install and legally activate it on your computer by purchasing a license for this version of the mentioned operating system. Pro edition is almost The most popular and best-selling edition is Windows 11 and 10, which you can simply buy a license for and after downloading and installing it from Microsoft’s website, activate it legally.¬†Therefore, if we want to summarize our conversation, we can say that:

  • For low-end laptops:¬†Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 7 Pro are the best choices.
  • For mid-range laptops:¬†Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home are the best choices.¬†If the user wants to install Windows 11 or Windows 77, there is no problem.
  • For high-end laptops:¬†Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Home are the best choices.¬†If the user wants to install Windows 10, there is no problem, but it is better not to use Windows 7.

So now you fully know that the best version of the Microsoft Windows operating system is determined by the system hardware in terms of stability and performance speed. In order to find the best version of Windows to install on your computer, first, according to the criteria we provided, determine the category of the computer and determine whether your computer is low-end, middle-end or high-end?! Then, according to the provided guide, you can identify the best Windows for your laptop and enjoy installing and using it without any problems.

The best Microsoft office for laptops

In order to choose the best version of Office, a relatively similar process should be followed to the process of choosing Windows. Since this article has been compiled specifically to determine the best version of Windows to install on different laptops, we will not go into too much detail about Office and will provide you with information about this very simply. In order to identify the best Microsoft Office for your laptop or computer, you must first determine the processing power of the system and determine whether your computer or laptop is low-end, high-end or mid-end, just like the explanations we provided earlier. ?! After determining this, you can easily choose the best office for your computer, but how?


If your computer is low-end, we recommend Office 2016. You can get Office 2016 Pro Plus or other versions of this program, but make sure that the purchased Office is compatible with the Windows operating system and is not specific to Apple MacBooks, and secondly, Office must be the 2016 version! Be careful, if Microsoft Windows 7 is installed on your computer, you can only install Office 2016 on it, because the 2019 and 2021 versions of this program cannot be installed on Windows 7. But what if your computer was mid-range? In this situation, in our opinion, Office 2019 is the best choice. You can get the original license of Office 2019 from IR Microsoft Store and activate this program legally and original on your system. The important thing is that installing Office 2016 and even 2021 on mid-range computers has good results. So if you have Windows 10 or 11 installed on your computer, you will be limited to installing Office 2019 or 2021 and you cannot install Office 2016 on it.

But what if we have a high-end computer or laptop? In this situation, just like the information we provided about the best Windows for high-end laptops, the best version of Office can be its newest version, Office 2021! However, experience has shown that installing Office 2019 on such computers has good results, but it is better not to use Office 2016 as much as possible and choose the best option, that is, Office 2021. Never forget that in order to get the best results from your system and computer, Windows and Office must be installed and activated in the original way so that their updates can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft server. Many of these updates will lead to bug fixes, eliminating lag and delay, and faster performance and better system efficiency.

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