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Instagram does not allow users to download and receive streaming content. This can be due to many reasons that we will not discuss in this article. There are many plugins designed to allow you to download from Instagram. Instagram downloader are programs that help you download the videos and photos you want. If you also need the best Instagram downloader, stay with us.

There are many downloaders that you can use to download and receive various files on your iPhone.


  • There is no watermark on the downloaded content
  • Excellent technical support
  • Fast and smooth performance

weak points:

  • There is no version for the Android version
  • The first program that was included in the list of the best Instagram downloaders is the Repost application. To use this program and download the desired content, just copy the post link and paste it inside the program.
  • After a short period of time, this application provides you with the video; You can also directly upload the desired post to your character page.
  • User interface with practical features
  • The program is free
  • Available only for iOS based phones

If you are looking for the best downloader to help you download Instagram photos and videos, check out InsTake. This app allows you to download stories as well as IGTV without any problem. The download process is very fast and you will not face any problems. Another advantage of this program is having a dark mode.

SnaptubE vip – Snaptube is an extremely powerful application for downloading videos from popular social networks, Instagram, YouTube, etc., which eliminates the need of your loved ones for any type of downloader. The expansion of social networks and their increasing popularity among smartphone users has caused content producers to use the social media environment to introduce their abilities and broadcast their content. On average, we all spend hours of our time every week searching in different social networks. The most popular of these social networks are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and messaging like WhatsApp. Sometimes, while browsing these social networks, some videos catch our attention and we decide to save them; But the thing that should be noted is the limitation of download conditions! Unfortunately, we cannot download the content in many of these social media, and we must use a website or a special program to view them. One of the best ways to bypass these limitations is to use the downloader tool. So far Farseroid website has tried to introduce the best Android downloaders, but in this post we are going to introduce you to a comprehensive and all-tech download tool! If you are also among the fans of YouTube and other social networks, then you will undoubtedly need the Snaptube program . One of the main features of this startup, which has made it popular among users, is the support of various video sharing websites and social networks. If you pay attention to the name Snap Tube, you will realize that its main features are designed for YouTube! You, dear ones, can browse this social network on Snap Tube and receive your favorite videos without needing to log in to your main YouTube account. We suggest you not to miss this unique app and download it with us.

As we mentioned in the above explanation, the Snaptube program allows you to download your favorite videos from 50+ social networks and video-sharing websites. To download videos from YouTube, you can browse the videos through the program environment and get your favorite clip by clicking an option. But to download clips from other websites, the steps are not like this; For other social networks, you must first copy the content-sharing link and then put it in a special box to start the download process. One of the most important features of Snap Tube, which is undoubtedly of interest to many users, is the ability to download videos in various quality formats that anyone can choose a specific quality according to the amount of internet available. In addition, this startup helps you to download only the audio files of the videos, and in this case, the quality of the download is in your hands.

On the first page of the Snaptube program, all online content is categorized in a completely intelligent way, which is provided to you by selecting each category of specific videos, and you can access a list of the most popular trending videos on YouTube. In addition, even if you do not intend to download a clip, you can play it online, which somehow turns SnapTube into an unofficial version of YouTube.

One of the problems that many downloader users face is the download management tool. The developers of the Snaptube app, fortunately, paying attention to this issue, provide you with special features in the field of downloading videos and managing downloaded files. Among the important download settings in this smart app, we can mention the number of simultaneous download connections and the speed limit, the setting of which depends only on you and your needs.

It may be hard to believe, but Snaptube app users have access to a special cash box! Certainly, much of the content we download is not suitable for children and may contain violent scenes; For this reason, in this startup, you have access to a safe space, a space where you will be able to manage received files or hide them from others. After hiding the files, it is not easy to access them, and to view and manage them again, you must use the designated password.

Another thing that caught the attention of our team during the specialized review of the Snaptube program was the set of settings that are provided to users. These settings are determined in such a way that anyone can create and personalize their desired changes in different parts, even the UI of the program. In addition, we must mention that the Snap Tube program also supports the sweet Farsi language.

Download video from 50+ social networks and video sharing websites

An unofficial version of YouTube that can bring you a new experience in YouTube browsing

Having access to all trending YouTube videos

An option to log in to your private YouTube account

Fast and easy download of your favorite video clips in various qualities

An option to download the sound of videos, in different qualities

Ability to download multiple videos or audio files at the same time

Ability to limit download speed

Manage and play downloaded files with just one touch

A private space to protect and hide videos received from social networks

A set of various settings to customize all parts of the startup

Access to a dark theme to use the app at night

Download the Instagram story of a specific person without opening it!

Support for most languages in the world

How to work with the Snaptube Android application: 

Downloading videos and photos with this program is as easy as drinking water! After installing Snaptube on your Android phone, you can download photos and videos from social networks in two ways… In the first method, you can click the share button from within the said social network and select Snaptube from the list of programs, and then See that the download starts – in the second method, you can take the link of the relevant post from the desired social network and paste it into the available field from within the Snap Tube program and click on download to start the download!

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Top sites to download Instagram posts online

    The best Instagram downloader site is Downloadgram. If you have noticed at the top of the article, we also introduced its program and for the ease of access of users, a web version is also considered for it. Enter the Downloadgram site and put the post or story link in the box in front of you, then the download will start in a short time depending on the internet speed.

    Saveinsta is the best site to download Instagram photos and other things you need. Using this site also has the same process as before, and to start, you must enter the Saveinsta site address and put the link of the desired post in it to start the download process.


    As you know, Instagram does not allow downloading and receiving the content uploaded in this program; Therefore, you should get help from alternative programs. In the above article, you can see the most comprehensive list of the best download programs from Instagram, and through some of them, in addition to downloading photos, you can also download stories, profile photos, and long videos

    Is there an Instagram downloader site?

    Yes, you can use Saveinsta and Downloadgram sites to download videos and photos from Instagram.

    What is the best program to download from Instagram?

    One of the best programs to download Instagram InsTake App for iPhone and Snaptube is for Android.

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