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What is the reason for not receiving the Telegram activation code?

Why doesn’t the telegram code come? What is the reason for not receiving the Telegram activation code? If you are reading this article, this is your question! Usually, when we want to log in to Telegram, we need to enter the Telegram login code, which is a 5-digit number that is sent to us via SMS, but sometimes, no matter how many times you try, you succeed in receiving the Telegram login code via SMS. In this article, which is written by experts in support of mobile computer software, we are going to provide practical solutions to solve this problem of receiving telegram messages, of course, it is possible. If your number is blocked for some reason, it is not possible to receive the activation code, but in this article we will tell practical ways, so stay with us until the end of this article.


There are various reasons why you may not receive Telegram SMS and you may not be able to enter your Telegram ID. The main reason is the blocking of numbers by the operators, but in the rest of this article, we have written all the reasons for you with practical solutions. Go through the steps step by step to solve the problem if possible. So stay with us.

✍️ Very important point: Have SIM card operators blocked Telegram SMS activation?

This issue is raised that after the application of Telegram filtering, different operators have blocked the possibility of receiving the Telegram activation SMS. Currently, we are also facing such a problem that most operators have blocked the possibility of receiving the Telegram code, so before Anything, you can check with another line from another operator, whether this problem will be solved or not.

Telegram activation through a message to Telegram itself

One of the ways you can enter Telegram in such a case that the relevant operator has taken access to receive SMS from you is to have your Telegram active on another device,
in such a case you can send the Telegram code through Telegram itself. Do it, when the Telegram activation SMS is sent, if you have your Telegram account on another device, for example on the web, or a computer or another phone, in such a case, the Telegram login SMS will be in your active account. This software is sent on your behalf and you can easily log in to Telegram through Telegram’s internal code.

Telegram confirmation code will be sent! But only for users who have downloaded the original version of Telegram from Google Play.

⚠️ The original version of Telegram means the same version made by the Telegram company and does not include things like (Persian Telegram, Telegram without filter, Telegram with rotating proxy, Hotgram, Mobgram, X Plus and the likes of these softwares…) !!!

⚠️ Be sure to download the original version of Telegram from Google Play and proceed with a high-speed nutcracker, there is a 95% chance of receiving the Telegram code under these conditions.

⚠️ If the telegram code is not sent to you, test again with a high-quality and high-speed nutcracker.

Carrying out the transfer is one of the reasons for Telegram not being coded

As we have checked, the phone numbers that have been transferred were among the most people who could not receive the Telegram activation SMS.

If you don’t know what porting means, we must say that it means that you transfer your line from one operator to another by keeping your number, since many people who ported their mobile number managed to get the access code. Telegram failed, so if you have done this, we suggest you contact your SIM card support, or if you have very important information in your Telegram that you would prefer not to lose in any way, do not transfer the number.

Telegram account deletion is too much

We have already discussed in detail about deleting the Telegram account, you know that if you do this too much, your number will be blocked by Telegram, so you will not be able to receive the Telegram activation SMS! Therefore, avoid frequently deleting your Telegram account.

Failure to send telegram code due to server malfunction

Disturbances in the Telegram server are one of the most common problems of messenger programs. And one of the common problems of Telegram is these temporary disturbances. Usually, such a problem is solved after one or two hours, if the Telegram server faces a problem, or even your operator faces a problem for a moment, this problem is usually solved within a short period, and if it takes a few more hours to receive Try the Telegram activation code, you can get the code, of course, one of the points you need to keep in mind is that your call line has an antenna. To be sure, tell someone around you to send you a message to check the authenticity of your line’s antenna. be sure.

Too many attempts to log in to Telegram

If you try to log in to Telegram several times in a short time, this will cause your number to be blocked by Telegram for 24 hours and you will not be able to receive the code from Telegram, so never log in to Telegram multiple times. Do not try in a short time, wait a little until the problem is solved.

The phone’s memory is too full

As you know, when the phone memory is too full, it is not possible to receive text messages on the phone. To solve this problem, go to your gallery and if you have a video that you don’t want to delete, or promotional SMS and additional information on the phone. Delete yourself, after doing this, restart your phone once and try again to enter Telegram and receive the activation SMS of this application.


In the above section, we got acquainted with the reasons for not receiving the Telegram activation SMS, now we want to go to the methods by which you can receive this five-digit code from Telegram. You said, but in this section, we provide you with other ways so that you can easily solve this problem.

The first thing you need to know and do before these steps is to make sure you are connected to Telegram because as you know, this software is a filter and you need to use IP-changing software to connect to it. , so use reliable software to have a stable connection.

✍️ Also, do not use any software similar to Telegram!!! And be sure to install the original Telegram software on your phone or computer.

Using the phone call function to receive the telegram code

In the new updates, Telegram has added this feature to its software that instead of sending an SMS for the verification code, we can use a phone call to receive the Telegram code, to do this, follow the steps below.

First, install the original version of Telegram

Now go to phone settings and software management section and open Telegram

Then we go to the permission section, here we need to open all the accesses

Note: The SIM card you want to call and activate Telegram should be on the same phone that you are installing so that you can use Telegram’s automatic phone activation.

Well, when you are sure about the accesses and SIM card, now open Telegram and your number: (You will be faced with two modes, read both modes first)


When we want to receive the telegram code via voice call, we will face two situations, which we will check both of below, the point is that these methods have been tested and if your number is not blocked You will get an answer, unless the IP change software you are using is not reliable or you have not installed the original Telegram software and the Telegram server cannot communicate with this similar software installed on your phone.

The first mode is to receive the code by calling

When you select the call option, if you see the following image as written at the bottom of this page, you do not need to answer the call, meanwhile, the Telegram server communicates with the software installed on your system and then From 8 to 15 seconds, you will enter your Telegram account.

The second mode is to receive the Telegram code by calling

The Telegram server may not be able to communicate with your SIM card due to too many repetitions or any other reason. In such cases, a 3-minute time is considered for you, and you can request a call again in 3 minutes, in some cases it is possible. There is no time allotted for you and you are asked to answer your phone. In this case, pick up the phone, increase the volume, and listen carefully to write down the number that is being read.

The code will be read to you twice, wait, and listen to the code twice so that you can write down the Telegram activation code and finally end the call.


One of the errors that you will face when you receive the Telegram activation SMS is the too many attempts error. If you encounter such an error, we have written the necessary solutions for you in this article. You can use them: Solving the too many attempts error in Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

In the following, we will mention the main questions of users about the Telegram authentication code not coming.

Is it true that Telegram numbers are blocked by operators?

Currently, yes, some operators have blocked access to receive Telegram SMS and if you delete this software for any reason, it is no longer possible to install it unless you activate a copy of Telegram on another device before deleting it. so that you can access your account again by receiving Telegram’s internal activation SMS.

In this article, we learned about how to receive and the reasons for not receiving the five-digit activation code for Telegram. We hope that this tutorial was useful to you, if you have any questions about the problems of Telegram and other mobile software, it is enough In the contact section, this is the section where you can ask your questions

The comments section is yours, you can ask questions related to the article in the comments section, and our experts will send your answer as soon as possible.

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