Should we buy a wireless charger or not? Review the advantages and disadvantages

It may seem strange, but until just 10 years ago, the idea of ​​a device for wireless charging of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets did not have a very positive technical and economic perspective, and investors were skeptical about entering this field.

It is interesting to know that even the people of Cupertino, who in recent years are considered to be the leaders of innovation in the world of mobile phones, were not among the main supporters of wireless charging technology until last year, and recently and for the latest model of their iPhones, they support This standard has been changed and wireless charging has been considered for iPhone 8 and iPhone X !


Nevertheless, experience has proven that nothing can stop human curiosity and stop innovation and creativity, and in the end, it is always the technology lovers who impose their dream on the world in the form of an efficient and innovative product. 


What is the Qi wireless charging standard?

Qi is an international standard method for transmitting electricity energy without the use of wires and by electromagnetic induction, which was introduced to the world by the ” Wireless Electric Power Consortium ” and is free for all manufacturers to use.


Oceanic Inspiration

This technology is a truly innovative and revolutionary method that works based on a scientific concept called the induction coupling phenomenon. In this process, a main station or charger transfers electric power in the form of non-radiative electromagnetic waves to the receiving device that needs to be charged. These waves are received by the coils in the receiving device, which are usually embedded in the back part of the device, and are converted into the electricity needed to charge the device’s battery.


The image up shows this process well.

In addition to the main process of electromagnetic induction in Qi-based chargers, what distinguishes this standard from other methods is its combination with the ability to amplify electromagnetic waves, because, in the absence of this ability, the charger device and the receiving device must be at a very small distance from each other. should be placed and their surface should be stuck together. However, the intensification process in Qi enables the process of wireless charging without a connection, without significant waste of energy, in short distances of a few centimeters.


Although the foundation of this technology has remained the same over the years, overall, the Qi standard has become smarter. Today, Qi-based chargers understand the presence of a compatible device around them and know when to start or stop the charging process. In fact, devices compatible with the Qi standard can interact with each other!


The strengths and weaknesses of wireless charging

Now that we know the Qi standard and how it works, we can better examine its advantages and disadvantages.

weak points

  1.  Not very cheap price:  wireless chargers are not offered as the main charger in the box of mobile phones and other gadgets, and their price is considered so cheap compared to the usual wired chargers. For example, the original Samsung Galaxy Note 8 charger, which is of the USB Type C type, has a price of about 70 thousand Tomans, while the original Samsung wireless charger pad should cost about 250 thousand Tomans. Anyway, if the advantages of these chargers are important to you, probably the price difference of these tools with the original charger in the box will not affect your choice.
  2. . Not so convenient to use:  While using wireless charging seems to be much more convenient than using wired chargers, the reality is something else. Today’s wireless charging technology is not yet advanced enough that long-range wireless chargers (for example, the version that can charge your cell phone from a distance of 3 meters) can be commercialized and offered to consumers at an affordable price. For this reason, you always have to place your mobile device in the vicinity of the charger that is also connected to the outlet, and for this reason, you will still face limitations and you will not have complete freedom of action. Although the manufacturers of wireless chargers add to the features of these devices every day and include interesting features such as luxury designs, determining the location of the mobile phone, display of the charge percentage, etc., but still far from providing the real experience of a long- range wireless charger . we should wait.

Towards the wireless future!

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