Illustration comparing SSD and HDD speed performance.

SSD vs HDD speed test

Replacing hard disk (HDD) with SSD memory (SSD)

I bought a laptop for one of my clients, which was slow. Changing the laptop hard drive from HDD to SSD, increased the speed of booting Windows twice by changing only one piece of HDD to SSD.

Windows boot time on SSD Hard

In our experience, the client’s Windows laptop with hard disk (HDD) was 00:51:40 seconds, and after upgrading the Sony laptop, the load time of Windows was halved, which means it only took 00:25:07 seconds for the device to be ready to work.

This doubling of the laptop’s speed is clearly visible in all cases (even starting up and running programs). SSD memory can create a very economical revolution in increasing the speed of your laptop.

 Advantages of SSD over HDD

    • High impact resistance
    • Low weight
    • High read and write speed
    • Low power consumption
    • Greater resistance to shock and vibration
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