Android to iPhone file transfer methods

Simple ways to transfer files from Android to iPhone

 the advent of social networks, NFC, and other methods, Bluetooth was the best option for transferring files between smartphones. This problem was solved to some extent with the development of social networks and communication channels. However, the problem of transferring files between Android and iPhone phones persists. In this article, we are going to take a look at different ways to transfer files between Android phones and iPhones.

What is the best way to transfer files between Android and iPhone phones?

The most important issue in transferring files between Android phones and iPhones is compatibility and transfer speed. In general, different methods can be used for files of medium size. But for the transfer of larger files, a more basic solution should be chosen because there is a possibility of canceling the connection between the two phones.

1-Transfer large files between Android and iPhone with a computer

The purpose of choosing this solution is to transfer the file in the safest possible way. Considering that there is a possibility of canceling the transfer of large files, you should use the most reliable method possible. We usually recommend this method for files that have a large volume and cannot be used to transfer them through social networks.

Maybe this method is a bit more difficult than the other modes because you need an Android cable, a Lightning cable, and a computer to get started.

Connect the mobile phone in which the desired file is located to the computer. Transfer the desired file from the phone to the computer. Then connect the second phone to the computer with your special cable and transfer the file to the phone.

Problem connecting iPhone to computer

One of the problems that users face with this method is the inability to access iPhone files from the computer. It is not possible to manage iPhone files directly without additional programs on the computer. If you intend to transfer files between iPhone and laptop, you must use additional programs such as iTunes.

2- File transfer from iPhone to Android with flash memory

The second way to move large files between Android phones and iPhones is to use a Lightning flash memory or a simple flash memory.

Lightning flash drives are simply connected to iPhone phones and it is possible to switch between the flash drive and the phone.

To transfer files from iPhone to Android, you must first connect the flash to the iPhone. Then transfer the desired file to a flash drive. Now connect the flash drive to the Android phone using a Lightning to Android converter.

Note that you can also transfer files from an Android phone to an iPhone with this method. If you have an OTG flash, you need to get Android to Lightning conversion.

Android conversions are divided into two general categories:

  • Convert Type B to Lightning
  • Convert Type C to Lightning

To buy different types of conversions, you can refer to the USB interface page and check the different conversions. Of course, some flash drives are designed in such a way that they can be connected to iPhone and Android. The price of this category of flash memory is slightly higher.

3-Transfer files from Android to iPhone with the Shireit program

One of the easiest ways to transfer files and programs between Android phones and iPhones is to use Shireit or other file transfer programs. To transfer data using this method, it is enough to have the Shireit program or one of the similar programs installed on both phones. This method is usually used to transfer small files.

Using the cloud to share files between Android and iPhone

 We recommend that you use only safe methods to transfer files between Android phones and iPhones. However, in this section, we will examine another method of file sharing between iPhone and Android, which is not a very secure method.

Use this method only in cases where your information is not very private. There are different cloud spaces, each of which provides a certain volume to users. For example, Dropbox is one of the best options you can choose.

 To get started, create an account in the desired cloud. Then log into the same account with both Android and iPhone phones. In this way, you can access cloud files with both phones.

Which method should we use to transfer files between Android and iPhone?

According to the size of the file, the time and facilities you have available, you should choose one of the introduced methods and use it. In general, an important point in file transfer methods is to ensure the authenticity of the required accessories. The charging cable and flash memory needed for different methods must be original. Otherwise, you may face various problems while transferring the file.

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