Understanding Reverse Charge on Smartphones

What is Reverse Charge and what phones support it?

It must have happened to you that you go out with your friends and then see that your phone is running out of charge. In this situation, if you don’t have a power bank with you, your cell phone battery will be empty and you won’t be able to use your phone. But reverse charging will come to you at this moment. Stay with Raymand24 to learn more about this technology and the devices included in it

What is the meaning of reverse charge?

What does charging a smartphone mean? It means that we connect our phone to the adapter through a wire or place the phone on a wireless charger if it supports wireless charging so that the phone is charged and the battery is full. Now, the meaning of reverse charging is to be able to charge another product such as a phone, smart watch, or Buds through a phone. In this case, the first phone appears as a power bank or wireless charger and can charge the second device.

Reverse charging in smartphones is used in two ways, one wired and the other wireless. In the reverse wired charging method, you have to connect one side of the wire to your phone port and the other side to the second phone or hands-free. In the wireless method, just turn on this feature and place the second product on the back of the first phone (as shown in the picture above). Keep in mind that to use reverse wireless charging, the second product must also support wireless charging.

What is the speed of wireless charging?

At the very beginning, we must say that, unfortunately, reverse charging is not fast! This feature is only used for emergency and special times, and for this reason, they have not considered a high speed for it, because the higher speed of this feature can drain the battery of the device faster and even shorten its life. In 2023, in general, fast wired and wireless smartphone charging technology has advanced greatly, and you can charge some models from 0 to 100 in less than 20 minutes. Wired and wireless reverse charging technology, however, has not progressed to this extent, and in practice, there is no need for it to progress.

For example, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is Samsung’s best phone, supports 4.5W wireless reverse charging technology, which means you shouldn’t expect high charging speeds. The recently released Nothing Phone 2 also supports 5W wireless reverse charging. This number reaches 10 watts in the Xiaomi 13 phone, which is twice as fast as the mentioned phones.

How to use wireless reverse charging?

To charge other devices, your phone must support reverse wireless charging. If your phone has this feature, enter the settings and turn on the Wireless Reverse Charging option in the battery section. This option can have different names in different brands. For example, in Samsung phones, the name of this feature is Wireless PowerShare.

Make sure that this feature is not turned on in the destination phone. Also, do not put your phone on metal objects when the reverse charging option is on. Do not place any metal objects or operational cards (bank card, metro card, national card, etc.) between the source and destination phones.

The destination phone doesn’t need to support reverse charging. It just needs to support wireless charging to be able to receive energy. For the destination phone to charge, it must still be on. In this case, just place the phone in the center behind the source phone to start the operation.

Two important points
  1. This feature is much slower than charging with a wire and will work slower on devices with larger batteries. So it is better to use it only when necessary.
  2. The reverse charging feature is automatically disabled when the charge of the source phone is less than 20 or 30% the phone is not charging, and the destination phone will not charge.

Is it possible to reverse the charge with a wire?

Yes, we explained in the upper part that one of the reverse charging methods is wired. For example, the Samsung Galaxy M51 uses this feature. To use this charging method, just have a Type-C to Type-C wire and connect it to the source and destinat

ion phones. Note that all new Samsung phones that use the Type-C port come with a Type-C to Type-C cable in the box. To take advantage of this feature, there is no need to activate a special feature and the charging process starts immediately after connecting the two phones.

What phones have reverse charging?

Galaxy S24 series
Galaxy Z Fold 5 Galaxy Z Flip 5Galaxy Z Fold 4
Galaxy  Z Flip 4Galaxy S23 seriesS22 seriesGalaxy S21 FE
Galaxy M33Xiaomi 13 UltraXiaomi 12 Poco X5 Pro
Honor 70Xiaomi 13 ProXiaomi 13Xiaomi 12 pro

If you still have unanswered questions about reverse charging, be sure to ask us under this article so that we can answer you as soon as possible. If another phone with reverse charging support is released in the future, we will edit this list. So you can come back to this article later and follow the latest news in this field from here.

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