Prevent WordPress from being hacked

If you design a website with WordPress, you must be involved in securing your WordPress site. Site security is not an issue that can be easily ignored. Thousands of times a day, your site may be attacked by hackers and profiteers.

Despite the importance of site security, the security of a system can never be declared completely certain, but it is necessary for us to do the methods of increasing the security of the site.

Today we are going to teach you ways to prevent WordPress from being hacked. Stay with raymand technical group.

How to increase the security of the site?

WordPress site can be hacked in different ways. Sometimes it is infiltrated so professionally that you don’t notice any problem in your site, but by placing malicious codes in various parts of the site, they try to get all your information permanently.

Therefore, if you have just installed WordPress, it is better to take the necessary measures to ensure the security of the site from the very beginning. It should be noted that in addition to the efforts made by the content team to increase security, it is necessary for you to have a high-level host and server for your site.

After preparing a suitable host and server, it is time for the tasks related to the content team in order to increase the security of WordPress sites, which we will discuss in the following:

1.Upgrade and update WordPress

One of the most important steps to take to increase the security of WordPress is updating WordPress, plugins and templates that you have used on the site. After updating WordPress, many bugs and problems will be fixed and new features will be added to it.

2.Preparing WordPress support version regularly

3.Increasing the security of the wp-config.php file

The database information of the WordPress site is stored in the wp-config.php file. As a result, this file is one of the most important WordPress files that you should be careful in preserving its information and do all the necessary work to limit its accessibility.

4.Increasing the security of the .htaccess file

Among other important WordPress files, we can mention the .htaccess file, which can be used to make the necessary changes on the site. As a result, the necessary security for the site can be applied through the commands that this file executes.

5.Securing the wp-admin folder

As it is clear from the name of the folder, this folder is related to the management of the WordPress counter and contains the codes of the files on the site. To prevent the site from being hacked, you can encrypt the wp-admin folder in the host.

6.Use a stronger password

Despite the selection of weak passwords for the site, the percentage of hacking and penetration has increased. Therefore, the simplest and most common way to prevent hacking and penetration of WordPress sites is to use a strong password. It should be noted that to increase the security of WordPress, it is better to put a strong password for each separate section. Such as logging into the host, FTP account, site database, etc.

7.Increasing the security of the WordPress page

As you know, the WordPress login page is one of the most important pages that can be used to prevent site hacking and DDOS attacks.

The security methods that can be applied on this page include; Placing common security questions, using Google’s two-step login, etc. is.

By using the methods that we explain below, you can guarantee the security of your site from the very beginning of entering the site.

A – Change the wp-admin address.
By default, the WordPress login page opens with the address wp-admin/ followed by the site address. Therefore, if someone knows your username and password, they can easily enter the site counter by entering the wp-admin page. For this reason, it is better to change the default WordPress login address for more security of your site.

B – Creating restrictions on entering WordPress
By default, you can log in to WordPress as much as you like, or if you enter your username and password incorrectly, it will allow you to log in without any restrictions. But you can apply a series of restrictions after repeating the username and password several times, even if you have entered the correct username and password, you will not be allowed to enter.

C – Not allowing login by email
A new feature that has been added since version 3 of WordPress is that, in addition to entering the username and password, the user can also enter the site counter with the help of his email. But since you are in contact with many people through email, the percentage of penetration on the site may increase, that’s why it is better to disable this feature through your site host.

To disable this feature, first enter the host of the desired site, then enter the public_html folder and then the wp-content folder.

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