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What is Notcoin? Get to know the new Telegram game

NotCoin (NotCoin) is a meme coin and a game on the Telegram messenger application, which many call it the new Telegram Shetcoin. Although not much time has passed since the launch of NatCoin, this Telegram game has managed to attract a lot of attention and its name is constantly being heard in the Telegram messenger. This game is one of the projects based on the Ton Coin (TON) network, which has been released as a Telegram mini-app and is available to users.


Today, with its advanced and fast blockchain, ToneCoin acts as a host for tokens and blockchain projects, and with its help, developers have the opportunity to provide their services to more than 800 million global Telegram users, who are attracted to working with It has increased the network. NatCoin is one of the latest projects that took full advantage of

the advantage of ToneCoin and its cooperation with Telegram, and now it has recorded a better performance than the top blockchain games
. If you have heard the name of NotCoin in the past few days, don’t miss reading the rest of this article because we want to review the game of NotCoin and how to participate in the Notcoin Airdrop.

What is NatCoin Telegram?

Over the past several years, the billion-dollar game market has also hosted blockchain developers, and now dozens of different blockchain-based games have been released. In addition to entertainment, these games have also provided an opportunity for users to earn money by offering native tokens and reward non-trivial tokens (NFTs) . These games are known as P2E or Play to Arena games.

Currently, NatCoin is one of the newest and most popular blockchain games, which has attracted the attention of millions of Telegram users in just a few days. NatCoin is a clicker game on Telegram that gives players coins for every click or screen tap.

History of the development of the NotCoin game

The development process of this project started in 2023 and in November of the same year, NatCoin was released as a test. NatCoin’s beta phase was remarkably successful, with more than 650,000 players experiencing it in almost a month.

With the release of the public version of NatCoin in January 2024 (D1402), this success continued and the NatCoin game quickly became popular among Telegram users. Right now and at the end of January 1402, Natcoin has more than 13 million users who have mined more than 6.7 trillion Natcoins; A topic that shows the remarkable success of this game and its much better performance than the top blockchain games. To better understand the success and popularity of NatCoin, we can compare its player statistics with the popular game Axie Infinity, which at its peak only managed to attract about 3 million monthly users.

The strong growth in the number of NatCoin users continues and recently this game managed to attract 2.4 new players in just two days. One of the main factors of this popularity and strong growth of NotCoin fans is the simplicity of registration and experience of this game. Unlike many blockchain games, Telegram users do not need to create an account to experience NatCoin and can easily experience this game through a robot.

Is NotCoin a memecoin?

It is interesting to know that the name and symbol of Notcoin (Notcoin) are the opposite of the wording and logo of Toncoin (Toncoin), which has caused many to think of it as a Telegram meme coin.

Like most of the meme coins in the market, Nat Coin does not have a specific purpose or use. The memetic nature of Notcoin can also be seen in the first message of its bot, and the creators put the message “What does this bot do? “Probably Nothing” has made it clear that ultimately this project may not be of any particular use.

On the other hand, there is currently not much information about the NatCoin project and it is not clear what this Telegram game will become in the future. Examining its white paper doesn’t help much either, as it consists of 9 blank white pages with only the start date of the project written on it. The creators of this game are also very fond of internet memes and pranks, and to date have even held contests to create and share Natcoin-related memes.

However, MemeCoin is technically wrong to introduce NatCoin, as the project is currently only a Telegram mini-app and game and has not yet launched its digital currency. More than a digital currency, NatCoin is similar to an internet marketing plan and is only trying to attract the attention of Telegram users.

Time of release of NotCoin digital currency and the concept of mining in it

Since there is no cryptocurrency called NotCoin yet, the meaning of the term mining in NotCoin is also very different from mining digital currencies in the market, and users do not receive tokens by playing the NotCoin game.

However, despite the popularity that NatCoin has gained among Telegram users today, it is expected that the creators of this project will soon offer its digital currency and the mining of this blockchain token will be truly possible. Recently, this issue was confirmed in the conversation of one of the people of this project with the Decrypt site and this person stated that the team of this project planned to produce and distribute its token.

Of course, the time of the creation and release of NatCoin digital currency is not yet known. Therefore, it is important to note that currently the coins obtained in the NatCoin game are only digital and worthless numbers, and their transfer and transactions are not possible.

Who are the creators of NatCoin?

While some believe that Pavel Durov and the Telegram team created NatCoin, there is no evidence to confirm this and the developers of the project remain anonymous to this day; However, a text in this game shows that this project was developed by Open Builders.

TON Foundation also confirms this issue and introduces the creators of this project as the Open Builders team. Open Builders is one of the programs of the ToonCoin network, which acts as a platform for the development, support, and supply of projects on the ToonCoin blockchain platform, as well as the popular Telegram messenger.

Open Builders is currently managed by Sasha Plotvinov and its team consists of ten people. Plotvinov has also worked as the CEO of the funding and airdrop platform Tonstarter.

Support of Telegram and TonCoin from NatCoin

To date, various signs have been seen that have strengthened the possibility that Open Builders members are closely related to the Telegram team and ToonCoin. In addition to NatCoin giving more coins to Telegram premium subscribers, Pavel Dorf, the founder of Telegram, is also active in this game. Also, the ToonCoin team has published various articles about NatCoin and supported this project in the media.

However, these actions can be done to support Telegram’s Web 3 ecosystem and the development of the Toon Coin blockchain, and it cannot be said with certainty that this project was created and released by Telegram or Toon Coin team members.

How to register and receive coins in Notcoin

It is very easy to experience the game NatCoin and earn coins in it. To register in this game, it is enough to have a smartphone and a Telegram account to start the Notcoin Telegram bot at After starting the NatCoin bot, you will be shown general information about the game, and at the end of this text, the Play option is placed. By selecting this option, you enter the game environment.

Game leagues

The user interface of this game is simple and understandable. After entering the NatCoin environment, you can first see your coin balance, based on which your league level is determined. Your league is initially Bronze, but with 5,000 coins you can move to Silver League, with 200,000 coins to Gold League, with 2 million coins to Platinum League, and with 10 million coins to The Diamond League.

Energy limitation

There are different ways to get coins and level up in the league. The first and easiest way is to tap on the coin icon in the middle of the page to earn Natcoins per click. Of course, the number of your clicks is not infinite and there is a limit called Energy in the game. Each hit reduces the amount of this energy, and when it runs out, you have to wait for a while to fill it up again.


The other two parts of the game are called Boost and Earn, which are used to increase the speed of receiving NatCoins. On the Boost page, you can see various boosters that can be purchased and upgraded with the coins you earn from the game.

The two free boosters in the game are called Turbo and Full Energy. Turbo makes you get a lot more coins with each hit in a very short period of time and Full Energy fills up your energy.

After these two free boosters, you can buy Tap Bot, Multitap, Recharging Speed ​​, and Energy Limit boosters, each of which has its use:

    • Tap Bot: As the name suggests, this booster is an automatic click bot that helps you get some coins every 12 hours.
    • Multitap: This booster makes you get more coins with each tap. By upgrading and leveling up Multitap, you will get more coins per click.
    • Recharging Speed: This booster increases the speed of filling your energy, so by upgrading this booster, you can recharge your energy and extract coins faster.
    • Energy Limit: Increases your energy limit and you can get more coins by upgrading it.

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