Iran’s retaliatory behavior algorithm

If Israel is under pressure, it will use its proxy forces like ISIS we saw that unfortunately, this happened in the Kerman incident

What will be Iran’s strategy for revenge?

At the time of the martyrdom of Haj Qasim, Hazrat Agha said something very important He said that all American leaders and their soldiers were not even worth Haj Qasim’s shoelaces Which means we didn’t take revenge on any of them because their value is much lower

Let me give an example After the incident of Karbala, Mukhtar was able to catch all the killers of Karbala and kill them in the most difficult way possible Now the question: Didn’t Mukhtar kill all the killers of Imam Hussain in the most heinous way possible? So why is the red flag of revenge still flying on top of Imam Hussein’s dome? Why does Imam Zaman rise with the slogan of revenge against the killers of Imam Hussain (Or the sacrifices of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him).)?

This incident shows that not only the killers of Imam Hussain (AS) should be killed, but also their thinking should be eradicated We curse the family of Abi Sufyan, the family of Ziyad, and the family of Marwan during the pilgrimage of Ashura This means that their thinking should also be destroyed

This is why Hazrat Agha said that America, which is the root of corruption, should leave the region Its economy must collapse The elimination of America means the eradication of terror Eradication of colonialism

Did you see, when the Mossad base in Erbil, Iraq was hit and the Kumla base was hit by rockets, the fire on the street suddenly subsided? When you hit the root, its agents will also be destroyed quickly

When Israel committed so many crimes in Ghaza, its revenge was to hit it from all directions Everyone was assigned a task Yemen is destined to cripple Israel’s economy Hezbollah keeps the northern front hot and Hamas strikes from the inside This is how Israel is paralyzed

Israelis are masters of media warfare When Hamas attacked, they published fake clips like beheading children and burning them, and raping women in cyberspace to influence the world’s public opinion, which it was giving, and Hamas had to lower the fuse.

Even now, Israel has seen that it is being hit in its field, and the only way is to change the playing field That is why the incident marked Kerman On the other hand, Elham provoked Alif to talk about the war again When he saw that with the assassination of Seyed Razi, our soldiers were not emotional for a confrontation He had to push the public opinion of the society with the agreement of Kerman towards the pressure for direct revenge

If Hamas does not attack Israel with an Al-Aqsa storm, they will decide to launch a military and even nuclear attack on Iran in the next few months. That’s why Hazrat Agha’s saying that Israel became hungry for calculations and it suddenly gave him a huge shock

Israel is dying It is better to say that global arrogance is taking its last breath Isn’t America threatening Yemen? Why is it that every day he is being bullied by the Yemenis and does not dare to answer The awesomeness of these balloons has already burst Wait for the emergence of the world’s greatest superpower

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