Extending Laptop Battery Life: A Comprehensive Guide

How to increase laptop battery life?

Laptop is one of the most important tools needed by users in different fields, now considering this need, we should know how to take better care of this essential tool.

Every technology device has a useful life and must be replaced at the right time. This statement is also true about the life of the laptop battery and sooner or later you will have to change your laptop battery, but by observing some issues, the useful life of your laptop battery will increase.

 In the following article, we will examine some important points to increase the life of the laptop battery.

How to increase the useful life of your laptop battery?

Observing the appropriate time to charge the battery of the device
Try not to charge your battery less than 15% or 20% and never reach 100%.

80% charge is a good choice to stop charging the laptop battery. Many users do not use their laptops much, in this case, it is better to work with the laptop when you fully charge it and so to speak use your laptop until your charged battery is empty. I suggest that you do not neglect to check the health of your laptop battery.

 Decrease the brightness of the screen

One of the easiest ways to prolong the useful life of the laptop battery and charge it better is to reduce the brightness of the screen. To do this, just hold the function key (fn) on your keyboard and then press the light button.

Use Hibernate mode

The next method is to use  Hibernate instead of Sleep, this also helps to increase the battery life of your laptop. In Hibernate mode,  the operating system is saved on the hard disk and then the laptop turns off and does not consume any charge. In Sleep mode,  the laptop uses a very small amount of battery charge to supply power to the RAM so that the operating system is loaded in the short-term memory or RAM and remains there until you need the operating system whenever you need the laptop. can prepare the laptop for your use in a few seconds.

Disable unnecessary equipment

Another way to extend laptop battery life is  to disable unnecessary laptop equipment . To save battery power, disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. To disable Bluetooth ,  just hold the fn button and select the Bluetooth icon and disable it. To disable Wi-Fi, first right-click on the network icon in the task bar of your operating system ( Windows ) and then  select Open Network and Sharing Center , then select Change Adapter Settings and click on the Wi-Fi  icon Right click on  Wi-Fi and select Disable  option.

Not using Screen Saver

Do not use Screen Saver at all  , because not only does it not protect anything, it only wastes your battery charge

Upgrade your laptop hard drive to SSD memory

If your laptop still uses a mechanical hard disk, we suggest you to upgrade to SSD memory , which can surprisingly reduce your charge consumption and prolong  the useful life of your laptop battery  . By comparing the speed test of SSD compared to hard disk, you will notice their difference. Read the article on the effect of upgrading a laptop on its performance.

To upgrade your hard drive to SSD memory, mention your laptop model in the comment section so that the best type of hard drive will be introduced to you

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