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How to change Instagram email and phone number

We are at your service with the article to change your email and phone number on Instagram. Sometimes it happens that we need to change our email and phone number on Instagram. Fortunately, this possibility is easily provided to users by Instagram

Change Instagram Email

Changing your Instagram email is one of the important actions that people should always do so that they can change your email to a newer email.

    1.To change your Instagram email, first log in to your profile.

    2. Click on the Edit Profile option to enter your profile change page.

    3. At this stage , we click on the Personal Information Settings option.

    4. Then we click on the E-mail Address section.

    5. On the page that opens, we can see the email we previously entered for registration. Now we can replace the new email. (Be sure to note that after entering the new email, click the blue tick above to save the new settings.)

    6. Now go to your new email inbox and wait for the email sent by Instagram. This email will contain a link that must be clicked in order for the authentication operation to be performed correctly. And after this, your new email will be registered correctly.

    Change Instagram number

    In this section, we want to teach you how to change the number on Instagram. You can easily change the number on Instagram at this stage. So stay with us.

    Now we want to say how to change Instagram number? To change the phone number, go to the third step ( Personal Information Settings tab ) as above. But at this stage we select the Phone number section.

    On the page that opens, enter the desired phone number (with prefix + country code) in the specified section. Then click the Next option.

    In the last step, Instagram will send you an SMS containing a six-digit code for authentication. which you must enter in the specified section. Then press the Next option to finish the job.

    Last word

    The article on changing Instagram email and phone number is finished. Try to always keep your email and phone number up to date. In this case, when you forget your password; You can restore your account through email or phone number.

    Also, don’t forget that if you don’t have your contact number or email available, be sure to change it on Instagram so that if you leave your account unconsciously and for various reasons, you can return to your account again.

    Also, let’s say that you can change your email through the web version of Instagram. So you will easily change your Instagram email and phone number.

    If you are not familiar with the method of changing email on Instagram, you will learn it completely in the above section. Changing the Insta email can be done in both directions with and without logging into the account. Go to profile and change email. If you can’t open the account, you should learn how to change Instagram email without logging in. You can learn all these things in the above section. If you need explanations or more information, you can share with us under this post

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