Various versions of Microsoft Word for thesis writing

The best version of Word for thesis

To write a thesis, it is necessary to use Microsoft Word because all the text of your thesis must be compiled in this program. But which version of the Word program will be the best choice for writing a dissertation? Stay with raymand24 to talk more about the best version of Word for the thesis and provide you with complete information.

Word is a subset of Microsoft Office

Many users think that the Word program is an independent program, while it is not, and this program is actually one of the tools provided in the Microsoft Office suite. This means that you must install Microsoft Office software on your computer to access Word tools or tools such as PowerPoint and Excel, otherwise you will not be able to use the mentioned programs.

On the one hand, the Office program includes different versions and naturally allows access to different versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. tools. For example, Office has versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or 2021, and naturally, Office 2021 will offer the Word 2021 program, and Office 2019 provides access to the Word 2019 program, and in the same way, each edition of Office provides access to the same edition of tools. Enables Word, Excel, etc.

So, before we talk about “the best version of Word for thesis”, we must know that to install and access any version of programs like Word, the same version of the said program must be installed on the computer. For example, if you want to access Word 2013, Office 2013 must be installed on the computer, and in the same way, to access Word 2021, Office 2021 must be installed on the system.

The best version of Word for thesis

When a student chooses a version of the Word program to write a thesis, he should consider things that students probably don’t get involved in anywhere in the world! For example, in 90% of Iranian universities or computers of different people such as university professors or university computer room, etc., very old versions of the Office program are used, such as versions 2010 or 2013, while now almost everywhere in the world only version Office 2021, which is the latest version, is used. In this situation, if the student uses newer versions of Office or Word to write his thesis, it is possible that Word will not open and run correctly on those computers that use older versions of Office!

So, if your thesis Word file is going to be run on a computer that is equipped with old Word such as 2010 or 2013, it is better not to use newer versions of Office and Word, but if your thesis Word file is not going to run on no other computer is running and you just want to run it on your laptop, you are free to choose any of the different editions of Office and Word, and naturally, our suggestion is to use the newer versions of Office that are more up-to-date and Use more comprehensive capabilities.

In our opinion, the best version of Word for the thesis is currently presented in Office 2021 Pro Plus, or in other words, it is Word 2021. In Office 2021 Pro Plus, the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. tools are provided, and you can benefit from the latest features of Office software by installing it on your computer. If you install the original version of this software on your computer by purchasing the Office 2021 license , you will receive its updates directly and permanently, and part of these updates will guarantee the security of your personal information.

Using Office 2019 can also be a good option, but it is obvious that the newer version of the software should be prioritized for each user. So, with these interpretations, if you are going to write your thesis on your personal computer or laptop, and the execution of the thesis Word file should be done through your own personal computer, there is no need to have your thesis Word file on any old computer, such as The university’s own computer or your instructor’s computer, etc., use Office 2021 Professional Plus, preferably its original version.

Does the original office need the original Windows?

Many people think that in order to install the original Office, they must have the original Windows installed on their computer, while this is not the case at all, and it is possible to install any original program on cracked Windows, and the opposite will also be the case, that is, if on a Windows computer If the original is installed, you can use Office Crack or any other cracked software on it. So, if your Windows computer is cracked, don’t worry that the original office won’t be installed on it, because it’s not like that and there is no restriction in this regard, but without a doubt, our advice is not to install the original office on a cracked Windows!

When a computer’s Windows is cracked, the quality of the system’s performance drops and its stability is lost. Cracked windows usually slow down after a while due to not receiving Microsoft updates. On the other hand, cracked Windows is not safe, and when you create and save your thesis word file in it, you have taken a big risk. Therefore, we suggest that you use a combination of Office and Windows Original to ensure the best results, so that you can rest assured about the stability of the system and the security of your information. Therefore, the best version of Word for the dissertation is Red 2021 (Office 2021) and it is better to use it together with the original Windows.

If your goal is to install the original version of Office 2021 Professional Plus on your computer, you can install the original and legal version of this operating system on your computer by purchasing a Windows 10 license . Of course, there is no doubt that Windows 11 can be a great choice, but in our opinion, this version of Windows will be more suitable for newer computers and laptops that have newer and newer hardware. Dear ones, you can buy original Microsoft Office and Windows licenses at the best price from Raymand Group and benefit from all the advantages of installing the original version of Office and Windows.


The difference between Office Pro Plus and Home and Business, etc

If you do a more detailed search about the Office program, you may come across versions such as Office Home and Business or Office Home and Student, and the question will arise in your mind, what are these editions? Are they different from the professional version Plus (Office Pro Plus)?

As we said before, the Microsoft Office program includes different editions such as 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021 in terms of the release year, but this is not the only classification or category that can be considered for Microsoft Office in terms of version. The office program has been offered in different versions in terms of functionality and the tools it has provided, and three of the most recent and original ones are the ones we have mentioned. Therefore, considering this issue, for example, if you search to buy Office 2021, you may come across the following three editions:

  • Office 2021 Pro Plus
  • Office 2021 Home and Business
  • Office 2021 Home and Student

Each of the above offices has special features. For example, Office Pro Plus is for the Windows operating system and is considered the richest and best edition of Office in terms of the number of tools it provides. That is why we always recommend users to use this edition of Office on their computers. On the other hand, Office Home and Business is more suitable for use on Apple MacBooks because most of its versions can be compatible with this operating system, although there are also versions that are specific to Windows. In Office Home and Business, unlike Office Pro Plus, only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype Business are provided.

Finally, Office Home and Student is a lightweight version of the Office program that is only compatible with Windows and allows access to three tools: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Because this office edition is often offered as BIND and is linked to the user’s Microsoft account, it has a higher price compared to other office editions, and it is obvious that it is worth buying compared to other office editions that provide more tools and They have a more affordable price. Therefore, we should find the best version of Word for the thesis in Office Pro Plus and preferably the 2021 version.


As you can see, in this article, we talked about the best version of the Word program for writing a thesis and provided complete explanations to you dear ones. If you want to use the original versions of the Office program or even the Windows operating system and benefit from the advantages of their original versions, Raymand24 makes it possible for you and dear students to buy these products with the best price and exclusive guarantee. We hope you have made the necessary use of this article.

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